The Surplus Federal Real Property for Homelessness Initiative (SFRPHI), a funding stream of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS), makes surplus federal real properties available to community organizations, the not-for-profit sector and other levels of government for projects to help prevent and reduce homelessness.

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Available Properties

There are no available surplus properties at this time.

Current and Completed Projects

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Here are some key points to consider:

Expression of Interest

Organizations must send an e-mail to to express their interest in a property.  Please note that all expressions of interest must be received before the date shown above.

Submitting a Proposal

Organizations interested in submitting a proposal must first apply for a user account. Once the account has been activated, the user can then select the "Submit Application" option on any property detail page in order to launch the application process.

Eligible Recipients

Provincial, territorial and municipal governments and agencies are eligible, including public health and educational institutions with the agreement of their provincial/territorial government; community organizations; and, in some cases, housing cooperatives with valid not-for-profit charters.  Please contact us to confirm the eligibility of your organization at the e-mail address shown above.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include investments in: transitional and supportive housing; longer- term housing (rental and home ownership); and related support/emergency services.  The primary purpose of these investments is to help individuals obtain access to longer-term housing and stable support that will reduce the risk of homelessness.

Monitoring Period

All contributions of real property will contain a covenant, applicable for a minimum of 15 years (monitoring period) from the date of commencement of the operation, restricting the use of the property to the uses outlined in the recipient's proposal. 

Project Proposals

The National Tripartite Committee, composed of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), Public Works and Government Services Canada and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, will complete a thorough assessment of the potential recipient's capacity to implement the proposed project by reviewing evidence such as:

  • proof that the community has a significant and verifiable homeless population and a population in core housing need;
  • the organization's eligibility and capacity to complete the proposed project;
  • relevance to HPS priorities;
  • local and community support for the proposed project; and
  • the project's viability and sustainability.

The inclusion of an environmental or social component in the development of projects is encouraged (projects adapted for people with physical disabilities, projects with an energy efficient component, etc.).

HRSDC, with help from its partners, provides guidance, feedback and assistance throughout the proposal and submission processes.

For system information or support, please contact a SFRPHI representative at

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